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DFW Residence
Get a FREE
Vitamin Deficiency Screening
for the Whole Family

No Catch
Completely FREE

Get all of your Vitamin Deficiencies Checked!

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K are all included!

*** New Client Promotion - limited time only - 1 free scan per person - **


NO BLOOD - We use the latest in bioresonance technology to scan every cell of your body, with only a handheld machine.

NO LONG OFFICE VISITS - Screenings are quick! You will be in and out in 15 mi or less

SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Young and Old. There is no age restriction so you and your loved ones can all be proactive with your health with our Screenings. 

LOCAL - Screenings are done right in your hometown at your local Ann's Health Food Store

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