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Instructions for the Hair, Nails, and Saliva Collection are as follows:

1. Hair Collection: Preferable method - cut a small amount of hair close to the root from the neck area. OR Alternative method - hair collected from fallout while washing or brushing is acceptable (as long as there is no other person's hair collected). A minimum of 20 strands of hair is required.

2. Nail Collection: Cut some Fingernails and/or Toenails. Place the clippings in the Ziploc bag.

3. Saliva Collection (If hair and nail samples are not available): First thing in the morning, before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, swab the inside of your mouth with the Q-Tip provided. Place the collected sample in the Ziploc bag labeled "Saliva Sample" and record your name, birth date, and collection date on the label provided.

4. Mailing: Please place the samples in a ziplock bag with your name and birthday and telephone number on it. Then place the ziplock bag in an envelope and mail it to,

Today's Health and Nutrition

Attention: Rebekah H.

204 E. Pleasant Run Rd.

Suite 112 Desoto Tx 75115.


Mail as soon as possible. If you are local you can also drop your samples off at our store. Whichever is more convenient.

There will be a 5-day turnaround time from the time we receive your samples. We will contact you once we have run your scan to schedule your screening review/ health consultation (if applicable). Otherwise, you can expect your results emailed to you within 5 days.

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