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What We Offer

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We offer a range of Bio-resonance Screenings to help with your specific health concerns.

From Basic scans to Comprehensive Full body scans, no matter what your concern is we will have the scan that's right for you. 

Full Body Screening


Most Value

Full Body Screening 

The scientifically proven way to identify root causes. Get clear answers to your Chronic Fatigue, Flair ups, and Stubborn Weight

*Most value for your buck.

Basic Scans

No Appointments are necessary with the Basic Scans.

Scans are done by using your hair or nail sample, so no matter where you live it is easy and convenient to have your Screenings done. 

With the basic scans, you will get your results emailed to you in a printable PDF, within 5-10 business days of receiving your samples. 

Basic Scans do NOT include customized protocols or a health evaluation. 

Nutritional Scan

The Nutritional Scan will provide information about your body's specific vitamins, nutrients, and micronutrient deficiencies on a cellular level. 


Nutritional & Toxin Screening 

This scan will provide you will all the information that is on the Nutrtitonal scan plus with this scan, you will get an in-depth look at the toxic burdens that are weighing you down and hidden infections that are stressing your body. 


Emotional Profile Scan

This Scan will help you identify the emotional blocks limiting your health progress. Science has proven the connection between emotions and physical illness. So why only address the physical body when your issue could be emotionally related?


Food and Environmental Sensitivity Scan

This scan will provide you will information about how your body responds to certain foods and the environment around you. 

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