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Bio Resonance: About
Answers to your low energy, chronic pain, and inflammation are within reach!

You've spent way too much money on supplements that haven't fixed anything and wasted too much time looking for answers to your debilitating pain and low energy.

All you really want is to stop having flair-ups that interrupt your life! Reduce the constant inflammation! Eliminate the annoying brain fog that makes doing tasks and holding conversations harder.
Get rid of this rollercoaster low energy, and stubborn weight that won't go away!

You’re tired of guessing: Am I deficient in something? Are there toxins in my body? Are my hormones balanced? Is there something my doctor isn't finding?

You feel like crap! You know you're getting old BUT you're NOT that old! You know your body shouldn't be going downhill like this.

You're constantly trying to figure out ... "Why am I so tired all the time, Why can't I sleep at night and where is all this inflammation coming from!?

You used to be energetic.. now you have to have several cups of caffeine just to get going in the morning. Not to mention the brain frog! How you get anything done is beyond you!  

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You are overwhelmed with all the products you are taking.

You don't even know if they're working or not. 

You have even tried dieting and it worked for a while but then it doesn't anymore.


You are ready for a clear understanding of what's going on with your body and what specific supplements and natural things your body needs


Plus you are busy enough as it is. Between being the go-getter high achiever that you are, your mom duties, and your successful carrier.

The last thing you need is another dead-end doctor's visit... in fact, If you have to google one more symptom or have to have another second opinion or be referred to another specialist.. your gonna scream! Literally!

So here you are, worried about your future.. because you're starting to see that your health is declining and it is affecting your capacity to be the mom you want to be, the wife and leader you want to be. It's even affecting your spiritual life and your mental health, you're just freaking moody all the time because you don't feel good! and No one gets it..

So now your even waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety, because the stress of all the unknowns have you panicked.

You want answers.
And you're ready to take action

Imagine being able to have the answers you're looking for in just a few days..

That means no more guessing about what your body needs, because you finally have the answers for the low energy, the daily pain, and stubborn weight, so now you can focus on spending your time doing the things you love to do like enjoying your family and growing your business. 

Introducing the ...

Cellular Health Screening

The scientifically proven way to identify root causes, and the 90-day Step-by-Step Roadmap to address them naturally and holistically.

400% More info than a full blood panel

So what is a Cellular Health Screening?

This type of screening is scientifically proven through Quantum Physics


A  Cellular Health Screenings uses Bio-Resonance technology which is the end-product of a 60-year evolution in Biological-Energetic/Biofeedback analysis. The technique is understood, accepted, and widely used in the most progressive institutions throughout the world.

How does it work?

A Full Body Screening conducts somewhat of a "health audit" which identifies ROOT CAUSES to symptoms a client is experiencing and provides each client with a unique health plan based on their screening results.

From this test, we will be able to see which parts of your body are functioning properly and which organs are suffering from an energetic disturbance.

It also indicates which nutritional herbal or homeopathic remedies a client needs, and the exact potency, that will bring about an energy balance.

There are no side effects, no piercing of the skin, no discomfort, and no electrical impulses are felt during the scan. In fact with this technology, all we need is a hair or nail sample and we can scan you with 97% accuracy no matter where you are in the world.

This technology is what practitioners of energy medicine, using stress analysis, are presently doing in health clinics all over the world!

This is hands-down the most comprehensive health screening you will ever have, designed for those who are passionate about investing in their health, and their futures, and who want to be around a long time for their families..

You'll walk away with: 

+ A downloadable printout and explanation of your screening results so you are clear about what is going on in your body

+ Monthly support from me your certified Holistic Health Practitioner. So you can get your questions answered and receive personalized solutions

+ Easy and actionable protocols to follow that are designed to support the body's healing processes and address the root causes.

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A Comprehensive Bio-Resonance Screening 
The speed of the system means a large amount of exploration can be done in a short time. You will be scanned against a database of over 60,000 individual signatures.

This will scan every area of your body including all of your organs and glands to identify weakened or stressed areas in your Organs and Glands 

  • Thyroid / Adrenals / Liver/ Gallbladder / Kidney / Lymph / Stomach / Heart / Arteries / Veins / Brain /  Ovaries & Uterus / Prostate.. etc.

 This will uncover the root causes of your health concerns, including 

  • Nutritional deficiencies such as vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, digestive enzymes,  amino acids fatty acids

  • Toxins burdens like heavy metals, parasites, environmental toxins, fungal and mold toxins. 

  • Hormonal/neurological imbalances  / cellular metabolic disorders 

  • Bacterial and Viral Signatures 

  • Emotional/mental stressors that are currently affecting your body.

  • DNA and Chromosomal Damage 

  • Genetic weaknesses

  • Food and environmental sensitivities 


    • This is different from a blood test as a blood test is limited. In Fact, there are specific signatures this type of bio-resonance screening can identify in the human body that a blood test and other health screenings will not uncover.   

    • Plus our Cellular Health Screening is going to give you way more information and for a FRACTION of the cost.

One customized Imprint Remedy

This Imprint Remedy will bring the body into alignment. These imprints will not only help alleviate your symptoms but also guide the body to activate its health through detoxification and elimination of harmful substances. Your Imprint will help your body return to Homeostasis by boosting your immune system and targeting specific health concerns.

  • Customized to your screening results - imprints will not only help alleviate your symptoms but also guide the body to activate its healing processes, so you can start feeling the difference within days.

  • Works in sync with your meridian system to target specific stressed and weakened organs to bring them into balance

  • 100% Natural and Completely Safe Therapeutic based on the science of homeopathy, designed to assist the whole person, both physically and psychologically, without toxic side effects.

Health Coaching with a Holistic Practitioner

You will get access to monthly health coaching calls with a certified Holistic Health Practitioner which you will spend time discussing your health, and concerns.​

  • Establish a simple healthy-habit structure that will set your up for long-term success and prevents Yoyo mentality or temporary results

  • Scientific Based Goal Setting so you will stay  motivated, and achieve your goals on time

  • Identify and conquer blockers and behaviors that make it difficult for you to achieve your goal

    • The support you receive with the Coaching Calls is different from what you will get at a doctor's office because when I work with you I am addressing the Whole Person. Mind Body Spirit. By identifying your life stressors and habits we can understand how your health came to be the mess that it is. Only from there will we have a starting point to build the foundation for wellbeing

A Customized Dietary Plan & Supplement Schedule

This is a 90-day dietary and supplemental plan that is designed to address the root causes affecting your body. This plan is specific to what your screening results showed and will help aid in harmonizing your body to heal itself through specific supplementation and dietary changes.

  • Super-easy and buildable dietary plan customized to your lifestyle

  • A strategic nutritional implementation that will cut your cravings and keep you full all day long

  • Detailed supplement schedule so you know what to take when to take it and how long

    • Ok, I hear you saying "I don’t like healthy foods." And that's ok because this is not a restrictive diet plan. In fact, you have full control of what you eat so you never feel deprived. 

    • Everyone is different and what works for one won't work for the other that is why I spend a good amount of time developing a customized yet practical plan just for you.


A Customized Lifestyle Protocol

These protocols are structured around your current lifestyle and schedule. They are designed to build positive lifestyle factors that promote good health. improve quality of life

  • Research-Based Protocols proven to build health and reverse disease.

  • Guided Instruction to equip you with the skills, and  tools you need to produce physical well-being

    • I know you are busy and your lack of time seems to always get in the way. Well, can I just be the one to say that unhealthy living is actually taking up more time than you might realize? These Lifestyle protocols will actually free up more of your time and allow you to enjoy the time you do have.​

With this Screening, you will get a clear understanding of what is causing your declining health and what actionable steps you need to take to address it...

What's Included

The Process

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Step 1. 

Click to "get started" button, fill out your information and in just a few minutes and email will hit your inbox


(look out for the subject line "Cellular Health Screening Confirmation - What to do next")

with your next steps to booking your appointment.

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Step 2. 

In Just a few weeks from today you will have your health evaluation with me! From this you will gain peace of mind and a new excitement for your future.

Because not only will you finally have answers, but now you have a simple and natural system to get you feeling better than you have in years.

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Step 3.

Within as little as 30 days you will experience an infusion of energy that you haven't felt in years,

This new fuel will power you through your day so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones and istead of you trying to keep up with them, they will be trying to keep up with you!

And did someone say bonuses?
  • 2- additional Imprint Remedies - This will address new areas of healing as your body is processing through layers of the buildup of stored toxins and stressors through the years.

  • 2 Check-ins - Deal with unexpected setbacks. Plan ahead to avoid hold-ups. Changing your habits is a process that involves several stages. Sometimes it takes a while before changes become new habits. And, you may face roadblocks along the way.

  • An emotional profile screening - this will assess deep-rooted emotional ties that are blocking your healing, so you can find balance and thrive through adversity.

  • A full food sensitivity profile - Not only will you know what foods stress your body, but what food your body loves and thrives on.

Client Testimonials

Whats the cost of all this?

Sure You COULD spend hours and money going from doctor to doctor and try to get some answers from them..

But here's why that won't work. You see, doctors and all their medical training only get around 6 hours of nutritional education. SO.. that would be like calling a plumber to fix your electric problem..


You could also try Google and spend countless hours researching and watching YouTube videos about what causes your symptoms....

But the problem with that is this.. There are MANY possible root causes that are causing YOUR Symptoms.  So this route will lead you down an endless rabbit trail and never end up finding relief because you're not tackling THE ROOT CAUSE. This will COST YOU time and mental energy trying to figure it out on your own.


You could also try the NEXT BEST supplement and that NEXT BEST diet as advertised..

But the last one you tried didn't work for you. And that's because we are all metabolically different and have different nutritional needs. And what worked for your friend doesn't mean it's going to work for you. And unfortunately, there IS NO magic pill.


So that supplement you heard advertised on the radio, again might help alleviate some symptoms but eventually, those symptoms come back and you are back at square one. This is going to COST YOU because failure after failure will rob you of your hope, and your money.

Your Investment for a Cellular Health Screening


  • A baseline screening that will cover all your organs and glands
  • A comprehensive screening that will identify the root causes of specific areas of the body that are out of balance

  • An Informational scan that will uncover nutritional deficiencies and other imbalances  that are affecting your body

  • A Health Evaluation with a Holistic Practitioner develops a simple yet structured protocol to concur obstacles interfering with your health

  • A 90-day dietary plan to address your specific Metabolic needs and lifestyle

  • A 90-day supplemental plan that will infuse your body with the nutrients it is lacking and support specific stressed and weakened areas

  • Access to online research-based protocols that will give guided instruction and equip you with the skills, and  tools you need to produce physical well-being

  • A full food sensitivity profile so you can know exactly what your body isn't responding well to and what foods your body desires more of

  • A full emotional profile - This will help you understand what emotions are manifesting physically so you can process and heal from them

When you add all this up it's a value of $5,391,

We offer all of this for only $1,231


*or four installments of  $171.06 

Please note, spots are limited,  we only book 24 clients each quarter & spots can book out 2-3 months ahead

Happiness Guaranteed

Oh, and if you’re not happy, I’m not happy --  if within 30 days, you decide you're not satisfied with your screening results or if you give your protocols a whirl, and realize it’s not for you, just reach out to me and I will be happy to refund you! Click here to read the full policy.

You're a perfect match for a Cellular Health Screening if,

  • You love "Dr. Google" … but you're feeling semi-overwhelmed because you're being bombarded with conflicting information about what to do for your symptoms. You want someone to sit down with you and tell you exactly what is going on with your body and what to do about it.

  • You've taken your share of supplements but want to know exactly which ones your body needs so you don't continue wasting money on products that aren't going to get you results.

  • You just *know* there’s an answer out there for the way you are feeling and the doctor's response to your symptoms with "everything is fine your just getting old" is not going to do it for you. You are ready to get to the root cause so you can feel normal again.

  • You refuse to get on medication and hate that, this is the only solution your doctor gives you. You want to do things naturally and believe your body is capable of healing itself when you give it what it needs.

Who is this Screening  NOT for?

This screening can benefit most people because education is power, however, I will say this.. people that don't benefit from this are

  • The ones being dragged in by their family members and don't want help,

  • They don't want to be told what is wrong with them nor do they want to invest in their health by making lifestyle changes.

  • They just want to take the medications that the doctor gave them and when another symptom appears they will just take a medication for that one too.

Here's what others have asked before signing up for a Cellular Health Screening.

1. I don't live in the area, do I have to come into your office to get a screening done?

I work with clients from all over the U.S. so all I need is a hair/nail or saliva sample to run your screening.

2. How is a cellular health screening different from a blood test?

A blood scan will only tell you what's going on, on a chemical level. A Cellular Health screening is scanning your entire body on an energetic level. Not only will you get way more information than a full blood panel, but this scan is able to tell you what the root cause to specific health concerns is. 

3. Are the results accurate?

There has been studies to show over 97% accuracy of this screening

At this point, it comes down to this
What is your health worth to you?

You have tried to find the right supplements and diet but have yet to be successful.


You are ready for a clear understanding of what's going on with your body and what natural things to do about your chronic pain, your low energy, and your weight THAT ACTUALLY works!

In just a short time you can have answers to your low energy, daily pain, and stubborn weight, so now you can focus on spending your time doing the things you love to do like enjoying your family and growing your business.

and less time watching other people enjoy theirs wishing that was you.

Save yourself the time and money of going at it blind. If you don't know what is causing your symptoms then you won't be able to fix it. You will only continue masking symptoms like a band-aide.

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