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Sauna Benefits and Scheduling: About


Fatigue gone.  Diagnosis reversed.  Medication no longer needed.  Sounder sleep.  Allergies gone.  Emotionally balanced.  Spirits lifted.  Hope restored.

Everyone feels better when you remove the toxic chemicals from the body, and we’ve even seen it help people with the most challenging health problems.

Walk-ins Welcome

Sauna Benefits and Scheduling: Welcome

What others are saying about our sauna

Julie C

I believe that this far-infra red sauna helped save my life! I was overweight and very toxic! I was at high risk of cancer, pre-diabetic, and according to my Doctor I was on the verge of a stroke! Then I decided to try the far infra red sauna! My sauna sessions gave me the vital opportunity to start exercising because I could relax my muscles either before or after my workout! I lost 70 pounds of pure fat because I was detoxed, I wasn't afraid of soreness after exercising and I had something to look forward to at the end of the day! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I look AND feel great!

Gary Proulx

Just Do It! With my 20+ years of study with holistic health this is a must ! The benefits are well worth the cost. Our Skin IS our largest detox system the body has and takes a lot if strain of other organs as we sweat. In only 5 days I have noticed my skin is Much softer & far less dry! Did U know your Body uses increased temperature to improve Immune response, 100% of the time? We call it a fever! Sounds like our Body might be onto something here!?

Kim Seiber

I think it is great!! I get drenched with sweat every time. It is comfortable and my husband loves our sauna sessions. We started particularly to detox him of high levels of heavy metals. We have not retested him yet but will in another month or so. Thank you. Great Company. Great service.

Sauna Benefits and Scheduling: List
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What are the benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna?


Infrared saunas may not only improve the appearance of acne scarring, but they may actually help reduce acne in the first place. Typical acne is caused by a build-up of oil on the skin, and if you produce a lot of oil, that can lead to constant breakouts. Infrared saunas cause you to sweat from infrared heat – not actual heat – which can help clean out those clogged pores. When a sauna session is complete, a quick face wash ensures the unclogged pores do not clog up again.


Far infrared on the skin stimulates skin cells and increases the secretion of nucleic acid, which increases the metabolism of the melanin function of white cells. Because the strengthening of cell reproduction and solid water prevents the growth of melanin, it reduces black spots. Increasing the resonance of skin tissue cells, can help to reproduce smoother skin. It repairs the fiber layer beneath the skin while solidifying the fat, increasing skin quality and achieving ultimate beauty. This type of treatment, when it comes from the inner body, is such that no other beauty product is able to produce the same result.


Infrared saunas are clinically proven to reach deeper levels into your skin, effectively removing toxins such as heavy metals. This technology heats your body to the core, pulling out toxins that can clog your pores and lead to a host of health issues beyond just within your skin. 

Stabilize acidity of the body.

If secretion of insufficient insulin occurs, glucose will not be utilized fully and will cause sugar to accumulate in the blood. In time, urine will contain sugar and this is known as diabetes . Diabetes is caused by the abnormal behavior of metabolism. Therefore, with the help of far infrared therapy, metabolism is increased. That helps to heal the damaged cells that produce insulin and, in turn, helps your body maintain healthy glucose levels. 


Studies show that high levels of stress have great impact on the brain. From memory problems to anxiety to learning difficulties, the effects of stress on the mind are immense. Our infrared therapy soothes your mind by enveloping your body in relaxing warmth. Our saunas are designed for maximum comfort, allowing you to not only loosen your body, but loosen your mind.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that benefits of a far-infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax! As the body works to cool itself, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.3. Increases metabolism.

Pain Relief 

A pilot study of infrared sauna use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis showed good tolerance, short-term improvement of pain and stiffness, and a trend towards long-term beneficial effects.

Blood Pressure

Moderate high and low blood pressure.
Experiments show using far infrared therapy can improve blood conditions, increase circulation and be able to adjust blood pressure in both conditions and cure both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.

Improve circulation.
It increases the temperature below the epidermis, increases blood flow and enlarges capillaries. The bigger the capillary, the less pressure on the heart. The function of the capillary is to provide oxygen and nutrients to all 60 trillion human cells and transfer waste from the results of metabolism out of the body.
If something is wrong with the circulation system, it will cause many diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, lumps, arthritis, numbness and/or coldness in arms and legs, etc.

Wound Healing

Scientific research has concluded that near infrared therapy greatly enhances the skin’s healing process by promoting faster cell regeneration and human tissue growth. Human cell growth increases to repair wounds and prevent infection.

Cell Health

Infrared light therapy stimulates the circulatory system and more fully oxygenates the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.

Sauna Benefits and Scheduling: About
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Optimal Sauna Experience Guide

Pre-Sauna Session

  • Hydrate with at least 8 oz of water to prepare your body for an increase in core temperature​

  • Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat during the first few sessions.

  • Sweating will increase with regular use, removing toxins and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Post-Sauna Session

  • Drink at least 24 oz of water to re-hydrate.

  • Supplement with electrolytes 

  • Shower off with cold water after your session

Sauna Benefits and Scheduling: About

Walk-ins Welcome

We have 2 saunas, So bring a friend and get your body to a healthy, balanced state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.

We are currently not taking pre-booked appointments (walk-ins only)

Sauna sessions available from 9:30am-5pm at our Duncanville location

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Desoto Tx

204 E Pleasant Run Rd.

ste. 112



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