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Personalized Health Coaching Session 

In this a 1-hr one-on-one Zoom, Health Coaching Session, we will focus on assessing your current health concerns and goals to create a personalized plan tailored to your needs. We will begin by reviewing any screening results you have, which will provide valuable insights into your health status and guide our discussion.

During the session, we'll take a comprehensive look at your health concerns, including any specific symptoms or challenges you are facing. This may include issues related to digestion, energy levels, weight management, mental well-being, or any other areas of focus for you.

Next, we will work together to establish health regimens that align with your goals. This could involve dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, exercise recommendations, stress management techniques, and more. The goal is to create a sustainable plan that fits seamlessly into your daily life and supports your overall well-being.

As part of your customized health regimen, we will also develop a personalized supplement schedule. This will include recommendations for supplements that complement your goals and address any nutritional gaps or specific health needs you may have. We'll discuss the benefits of each supplement, how to take them effectively, and any potential interactions or considerations.

Throughout the session, I will provide guidance, support, and practical strategies to help you implement and maintain your health regimen. Together, we'll work towards optimizing your health, achieving your goals, and fostering a positive and sustainable approach to wellness.



  • 1-hr 1on1 Zoom Health Coaching Session

  • Discuss Your Screening Results

  • Personalized Recommendations Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Customized Supplement Schedule (supplements not included)

Investment: $160

Members Only

This Service is only offered to Members. To gain access to this service or find out more about our memberships check out the following link

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Your Holistic Journey

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