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Why you need to detox

Detoxification is your body’s natural process for eliminating foreign chemicals through the liver, the kidneys, colon, sweat glands in your skin, and your lungs. However, since the industrial revolution and the post-World War II petrochemical industry, foreign chemicals have been accumulating in the human body – faster than they can be released.

Each day your body absorbs a broad range of toxins such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, tobacco, polluted air, etc. This becomes your life-accumulation or “body burden”. Modern medicine and scientific testing have linked the accumulation of internal pollution and toxins – as the significant cause of degenerative diseases in the body.

This lifetime accumulation becomes a toxic burden, hindering your body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. Your body has had to detour its internal resources to the more urgent problem of dealing with internal chemical poisoning. This toxic load is inhibiting and blocking your natural innate healing processes.

Ionic Footbath: About

How It Works

The Greeks, Romans and Chinese all used different methods to purge toxins from the body through the feet to restore health to the entire body. The Detox Foot Spa is the modern version of an ancient concept of healing. A Detox Foot Spa session involves purging the contents of the sweat glands (a similar concept to infrared saunas in that sweating is a form of detoxification.) There are 2,000+ sweat glands in each foot – more than anywhere else in the body.

The body is like a cylinder, and due to the effect of gravity, toxins and acids pool at the feet. This is why a Detox Foot Spa session works so well. It can help eliminate toxins from the body through the feet where they tend to accumulate naturally. The contents of the sweat glands are the end-result of the body’s natural detox methods.

The Detox Foot Spa’s electronic array consists of two polarized electrodes that help draw toxins from all of your cells. The process is like a one-way street – exit only. Once out of the body, the particles bond together and cannot re-enter.

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Ionic Footbath: About

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You do Prior to Your Energetic Foot Detox Session?

You will need to drink water prior to arriving for your session to avoid being dehydrated. Drinking purified water is extremely beneficial to assist your detox process. We encourage you to drink more both during and after your session. It has been scientifically proven that dehydration, lack of water, is a common cause of all diseases. Make sure you have no lotions or oils on your feet. During your session, your only job is to relax and enjoy!

How Many Sessions are Needed for Detoxification?

In our experience, we find that generally 6 to 10 sessions are needed with the Platinum Energy System’s Foot Spa to detoxify most people. This is what is needed to purge a life-time accumulation of toxins to become clean.  After that, a maintenance program of 1 to 2 sessions per month will work to keep the body clean.

Can Everyone use the Platinum Energy System?

If an individual has been chronically sick for a long time and is in a weakened state, we recommend detoxification at a slower pace.

The following conditions are contraindicated for those planning to receive a Energetic Foot Detox session:

  • Pacemaker users

  • Recent recipients of organ transplants

  • Sufferers from psychotic episodes, seizures, or epilepsy

  • Pregnancy or lactating (breast feeding) mothers

  • People with open wounds on feet

What Should You Expect from a Session?

Most people feel very relaxed. They notice how much better they feel and how much more deeper they sleep, waking feeling more refreshed. During a session, the water starts clear and then changes during the session. Each session will have different content according to what is being purged.

Each person’s experience is entirely different. It depends on the type and volume of toxins, on which parts of the body have been affected and stressed, and on your lifestyle choices.

While you can resume normal daily activities following your Detox Foot Spa session, it is recommended that, if possible, allow some time to rest and relax afterwards, so your body can use the energy for heal and repair – rather than your daily activities. This will allow your body to quickly and easily recharge.

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