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Your Exclusive Invitation to the

Trio Package

This is a 6-month package for people dealing with health issues for longer than a few months, who find it hard to stay on track and want to learn how to build healthy habits. The Trio Package will provide you with monthly Practitioner support and accountability to help you take charge of your health by making your health journey less difficult and more enjoyable.

  • Customized layered healing: You've been dealing with some health issues for months and some for years! With the Trio Package, you get an additional 3 follow-up Screenings meant to sort through and clean up years of layered gunk slowing your progress. Each follow-up Screening will track your progress and make new adjustments to your protocols and recommendations to advance you on your health journey. 

  • Enhance your Routine, Focus, and Accountability: Your lack of accountability messes you up every time you begin a health regimen. Not to mention you have been off your regimen for a while and you finding it hard to keep up. Well, not anymore! With monthly Group Coaching Calls, you will be coached through each mental shift to develop healthy habits that set you up for long-term success with your health goals. Providing you with valuable support, guidance, and accountability on your health journey. Coaching calls offer an opportunity to learn from an experienced practitioner and connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals. 

  • Become Your Own Self-Health Champion: With exclusive access to our online Resource Library that will provide you with valuable tools and knowledge, so you can make informed choices and take proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • Unlock Protocols - that will walk you through applying the recommendations from your screening results to your life. This will alleviate the time and frustration of researching it yourself and going about it alone.

  • Private community access: Share experiences, exchange tips, and find inspiration from others who are on the same journey. The community fosters a sense of belonging, accountability, and motivation, making the health program more enjoyable and effective.

All of this is Valued at $3,900

But your investment is only $1800


Get Started Today! And get immediate access to your online resources

and your next group coaching call!

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