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"Discover Alora's Journey: From Frustration to Hope"

"When I first reached out for help, my daughter was just 4 weeks old and facing a concerning situation—she had stopped having bowel movements and was exhibiting seizure-like symptoms. It was a distressing time for us.

My decision to work with Ms. Rebekah became clear during our initial meeting. She impressed me with her knowledge, dedication, and commitment to finding answers for our situation. Our main challenge was finding someone we could trust and establishing a suitable regimen for my daughter. Despite previous attempts, including hospital visits and consultations with a pediatric chiropractor, we hadn't found a solution.

Ms. Rebekah provided a game-changing approach by devising a list of safe supplements tailored to address my daughter's health issues and promote healing over time. The most significant improvement we've seen since embarking on this health journey is my daughter now experiences regular bowel movements, has become less moody, and her episodes are less frequent.

Unexpectedly, every high expectation I had has been met through this process. Beyond the positive health changes, my own emotional and mental well-being has greatly improved, knowing that my daughter is on a path to better health.

Working with Ms. Rebekah has been a true blessing! This experience has not only transformed our lives but also given us hope when we didn't know where to turn. I am immensely grateful for Husack Wellness; without Ms. Rebekah, we wouldn't have the answers that have led to a healthy and happy baby today.

Thank you, God, for guiding us to her!"

- Joy and Alora Tucker

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