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I don't live in the area, do I have to come into your office to get a screening done?

I work with clients from all over the U.S. so all I need is a hair/nail or saliva sample to run your screening.

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How is a cellular health screening different from a blood test?

A blood scan will only tell you what's going on, on a chemical level. A Cellular Health screening is scanning your entire body on an energetic level. Not only will you get way more information than a full blood panel, but this scan is able to tell you what the root cause to specific health concerns is. 

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Are the results accurate?

There has been studies to show over 97% accuracy of this screening

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Do you take insurance?

Right now we only take FSA & HSA cards.

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Will I need a follow up screening after my first one?

That depends on your goals. Most people I work with are able to achieve the results they are looking for within the 90-day time frame of working together and feel confident to continue on their own without a follow up. Those that do want follow-ups based on their goals will get re-scanned any where from 1-3x a year and I do offer packages if that is what the client wants.

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Are supplements a part of the cellular health screening or is that a separate purchase?

Supplements are not a part of the price of the screening. Most clients will spend anywhere from $50- $150  on their supplement regimen monthly.

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Do I need to purchase supplements from you or can I use my own?

I do not sell supplements, however, I will recommence supplements that I am familiar with particularly the ones sold inside of your local health food store. I do not recommend buying them online because of quality but that is totally up to you. If you are currently already taking a product that will work for your protocol then I will incorporate that into your protocols. 

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I'm on medication, will any of your supplement protocols interfere with that?

Each person's supplement protocol is different. If there are interactions with a specific supplement then we will not recommend that specific product. Ultimately it is up to your doctor to inform you of any interactions

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What if i'm not happy with my results? Do you offer refunds?

Yes, see the happiness guarantee policy​

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What is the cost of your screenings?

You will find the price of the screening under the descriptions, just click "view more" and you will be provided with a description of the scan along with the price.

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