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Emotional Health Coaching

Protect your joy. Let us help you change your thoughts and behaviors.

Ready to stop being controlled by your thoughts?

Want to try Coaching that is structured, short-term, and scientific?

And focuses on your current challenges instead of dwelling on the past?

At Today's Health & Nutrition we have Certified Christian Coaches with experience and training in spiritual and biblical truth.


You can be confident your time with coaching is a worthwhile investment.



 Anxiety has taken over your life.

Past trauma may even haunt you.

You are no longer present for the people you love,

and it feels like life is passing you by.


The scariest part of all?

You can’t see a way out.



Woman on Window Sill

Stop masking things

You’ve probably already tried doctors, therapists, counselors, self-help books, medication, supplements, diet changes, or seminars and you are frustrated because nothing is working.

That’s because these things don’t work long term. They don’t solve the problem, they just mask the symptoms.  


You need to address the ROOT CAUSE and heal the brain.      



Our Coaching has helped clients like you take charge of the ways you think and behave, so your thoughts no longer dictate your mood and your choices move your forward.

No matter how long you've suffered, no matter how much chaos has been in your life, no matter how many emotional labels you've been given. 

We get the results you need.  

Are you ready to:

Wellness Coach

  • turn negative thoughts into balanced, helpful ones

  • take action in life instead of feeling stuck in avoidance behaviors

  • end negative self-talk

  • stop behaving in ways that make you feel bad

  • improve your problem-solving skills

  • widen your perspective and ability to see options

  • feel better about yourself, your relationships, and the world

  • learn strategies to manage your mental health for the rest of your life.


Finally become calm, relaxed, and happy again. 
The emotional turbulence and continual racing thoughts will be gone. 
Your peace and calm will be restored.
No matter how many things you’ve tried, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. 


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Catie E.

Before  I had daily panic and anxiety to the point where I was struggling to face people at all or even leave the house without panic attacks


EVERYONE noticed a difference.  Family members, co-workers, and even my best friend! I was so different!  Calm, chill, no real anxiety.  No voice in my head telling me that trouble was just around the corner!  I left for work calm and happy and wasn’t triggered by co-workers, customers, or stressful situations!  

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Cora C

The sense of peace and calm was noticeable with in a few days.

Living without PTSD has elevated my vibration and energy levels.  I am a more patient mother and understanding friend. I am deeply changed and forever thankful. Coaching has widened my perspective on life and options during intense growth opportunities.  

Thank you for healing me from my lifelong trauma from the inside out!

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Christa S.

Before starting my life was a complete mess. I was emotionally stunted and only knew how to operate in stress and anxiety.

I was a victim in my own life. The first day of starting It was almost like I turned on a “peace switch.” 

I had a wonderful coach that walked me through all of this. I was never alone.

My husband and children even started to recognize the new person God was molding me into.

Life still happens and not everything goes my way but I’m here to testify anxiety is no longer a part of me! 

Emotional Coaching Explained

The core idea behind Emotional Coaching is that our thoughts and actions are creating our emotional states. And that these emotional states then lead us to either feel stuck and do nothing, or do things we regret.

You can think of it as a cycle. When we are faced with a difficult situation and have a negative thought, it creates negative feelings and body sensations. These feelings in turn push us to make a bad choice. Which creates another negative thought. And on the cycle goes, until we are anxious or depressed.

While it can be very hard to change our feelings and just 'snap out' of a low mood, it is quite possible to change our thinking and behaviours. This stops the cycle, so we don't end up in another low mood.

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How is our Coaching different?

Emotional Coaching can be different  from more traditional talk therapies because it is:

present-based: you will touch on your past to understand where your thoughts come from, not to find reasons for everything.

short-term: anywhere from six months to a year, depending on what issues you are working on.

structured: There are certain techniques you use again and again to retrain your brain. There are also homework exercises, and your therapist might use a workbook with you.

active: you won't be sitting on a couch in silence, thinking. Instead, you will often be using pen and paper and working through exercises, or debating perspectives and finding proof for each one.

practical: the idea is to equip you with a ‘coping toolkit’ of techniques you can then take away and apply to any problem.

spiritual:  "time" doesn't heal, and neither does repeating affirmations in a mirror. Healing comes from Jesus and we utilize his biblical and spiritual truths to invoke true healing which is life-changing.


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Jennifer Bankholder

I started getting Coaching because I wanted to be more open and honest about my feelings,

let go of resentments and trust, find myself for who I am.

I also was suffering from an autoimmune disorder that I was told is linked to some childhood trauma.

My Coach is helping me let go of the past and challenging me to look at things from a different perspective,
also just talking it out has been super impactful.

The most significant thing I've noticed is that I have been able to let go of resentments towards my mom,

and I no longer suppress emotions.

My Coach is a good listener and a woman who loves the Lord.

She is a great sounding board and has helped by asking some difficult questions.

I can already feel the difference coaching has made in such a short amount of time.

Calm Woman

What issues can an Emotional Coach help me with?

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • adult ADHD

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • anger issues

  • bipolar disorder

  • low self-esteem

  • panic attacks

  • physical health issues (arthritis, IBS, pain, chronic fatigue)

  • relationship problems

  • sleep problems

  • social anxiety

  • stress.

Calm Woman
Do you provide services near me?

Our office is located in Duncanville Tx and our coaches work with you through phone and video chat. No matter where you are located we are always here to help.

  • Remove the black cloud that always seems to be present and robbing you of peace.

  • Take full responsibility for your life and commit to eliminating your emotional challenges once and for all.

  • Heal the root causes of your anxiety rather than mask symptoms.


We are waiting for you.

Still not sure if this is the program is for you?
Let us answer your questions.
Schedule a 20-minute free phone consultation.
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